Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things Done Differently

Tomorrow is my last day of classes...ever. (Most likely)
And a nagging feeling that as been elbowing me in the ribs the last few weeks is that I never got to know the people in my program. I got to know cru people, internationals, and random people along the way. But I never ever tried to get to know the people alongside me in VCT classes. I guess a part of my heart was jaded against the program itself and another part was just being competitive.
But looking back (to an hour and a half ago at my last physical VCT class EVER) I'm sad I didn't take the time to chat with some of them. I wish I could have shared life with more of them.
But in the end...maybe there was a reason for me not investing in that aspect of college. I was called to internationals. I was called to people in the circles of cru.
Now as I finish writing all of this, I realize that I may be sad that I didn't get to know those people at the computers next to me. But then I take comfort that I have invested in many more people, to whom I have impacted. Maybe I wasn't meant for the VCT people. Maybe I just didn't accept that challenge, so I was given many others.
Either way when it comes down to things I would have done differently in my four years here, that may be one of the only ones. And even if there are more, I'm glad I lived as I have. I'm glad for the laughs, the cries, the sarcasm, the stress, the long hours working, the long hours talking, and the many many movies watched.
So heres to things done differently and to the things lived.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

...On Sunday a King

Death In His Grave (Performance Video) from john mark mcmillan on Vimeo.

So Easter is almost over. But a life lived rejoicing that Good Friday and Easter occurred continue.

My Easter was nice. It was my 3rd annual trek to the Colopys' for Easter. (3rd...not 2nd as some believed). I knew, coming in, that this year would be different. But even with that, I felt blessed to, for a day, be adopted by them. Even if that did include some cuts left by the puppy.

It was a fun reminder in so many different ways about what today was about. Life. Real life.

Not candy and bunnies (even though I got quite a bit of candy).

I hope Easter was just as refreshing for all of you.